After 30 days and almost $54,000 #TeamTomatoJos is very happy to report that we have successfully funded our Kickstarter campaign!


We are overwhelmed by all of amazing support we have received over the past month, and we can’t thank you, our friends and backers, enough for all of the contributions, publicity and encouragement you’ve given us.


Thank you. Seriously.


According to the stats published by Kickstarter, our project has been a remarkable success: the link to our campaign has been shared over 1,800 times, and our video has been viewed 3,248 times, with a 55% completion rate! Our 616 backers contributed an average of $87.73 per person. This is pretty huge, especially since we’re categorized as a food project. Of all the 10,923 food projects ever launched on Kickstarter, only 30.63% have been successfully funded. And the average campaign size in the food category is about $5,000 – only 627 or 5.7% of Kickstarter food projects have raised over $20,000. #TeamTomatoJos is proud to join this exclusive group, and we want our backers to know that.


Have we said thank you yet?


Like all great farmers, we constantly review our progress to see how we’re doing and what we can do to keep moving toward our goal. In the context of the Kickstarter campaign, this meant using information provided not only by Kickstarter, but also by a few external data analysis sites: Kicktraq, Kickspy and Crowdlogs. The data helped us understand whether we were on track to reach our goal, so that we could take action as necessary.


Now, with less than 30 hours left in the campaign, we want to make one last big push. We’re trying to expand our community of supporters to 750 backers!


Thank you all once more for your amazing support so far. We’re sending you lots of tomato love!



Mira & Shane


PS a quick and easy tweet to help spread the word:

30hrs left to back @teamtomatojos #kickstarter. Instead of tomato waste they make tomato paste! #Naija #FarmersFirst